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Are you going out of your mind trying to manage your own rental property?

Investment property can be an excellent source of income.  As with any investment, there are risks.  Professional property management is used to help minimize those risks.

Vista Point Properties specializes in all aspects of property management.  Managing a rental property is vastly different from other aspects of real estate.  The laws governing rental property are much more complicated.  While the sale of a property may last up to 30 days and then is complete, the lease of a property is typically 1 year and the tenant has possession of your property with some of your rights transferred to them.  Adding to the complexity, the laws that affect you and the interpretation of the laws change frequently.

Vista Point Properties will help you navigate the pitfalls of owning rental real estate and help you get back to the life you deserve!

Rental Home Management Services and Fees

  • Management Fee: $99.00 per month flat fee (Per Home/Unit).  We do not charge you a management fee until your home is rented.
  • Placement (Leasing) Fee: Call today for our competitive rates.  Fee includes all advertising, marketing and co-broker fees (if applicable).  No placement Fee or account setup fees on rental takeovers with existing tenants.
  • Careful Tenant Screening and Selection: Thorough Background Investigation On All Adult Applicants Includes Rental History Verification, Financial & Credit History, Employment Verification, Court/Judgment/Eviction History --- Selecting The "Right" Renter Is Important And We Are Very Careful To Make The Best Choice.
  • Detailed Account Reporting - Free Monthly & Yearly Accounting Statements, and IRS 1099 Preparation.
  • Direct Deposit Service.  A hassle-free way to receive the income from your rental.
  • On-line Owner and Tenant Portals: Located on the Vista Point Properties website.  Access Your Owner's Account 24/7.
  • Periodic Property Inspections: Periodic inspection completed by our management staff to help ensure that the property is being maintained properly.
  • Staffed Showings:  Showings conducted by Vista Point Properties Agents.
  • Advertising: Vista Point Properties Has Researched And Developed An Exclusive Marketing Formula For Advertising With The Most Effective Online Locations, Reaching As Much As 97% Of The Overall Renter Market.
  • Repairs & Maintenance: Coordinated by Vista Point Properties maintenance staff.
  • 24/7 Availability:  For Emergencies & Maintenance.